Trade Show Planning doesn't have to be hard. However, without careful pre-planning, trade shows can be an enormous waste of time and money. Did you know that attending a trade show with a small exhibit space can easily cost a company $10,000? A large space? You could easily spend $100,000.

Did you know? A trade show can easily cost $10k - $100k.

That's why trade show planning is a must. In addition to picking a great exhibit space, creating an eye-catching exhibit and great pre-marketing, staff training is essential. You must go into a trade show with specific direct sales goals in mind. Then, your direct sales staff must prepare to have sales conversations that can meet those sales goals.

This site was created for beginners to trade show planning. Once upon a time, we were beginners too. Our team was tasked with promoting our startup at its first trade show. New to direct sales, we were terrified. But by creating a direct sales strategy plan in advance, we soon learned direct sales could be both easy and fun! This site will show you how.

Trade Show Marketing Ideas

Direct Sales Strategy Plan

Learn the 5 Easy Steps to selling at a direct sales event.
Trade Show Marketing Ideas

Direct Sales Training Topics

Need to train staff or clients to sell at a direct sales event? Here’s our list of the most important direct sales training topics you’ll need to cover to turn beginners into direct sales pros.

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