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Tradeshow Basecamp™

Our groundbreaking course series, a complete program designed to help you succeed. Be fully prepared for your next event, earn your Certified Tradeshow Basecamp Exhibitor™ (CTBE™) today!

An Online Trade Show Training Course Series

Hours of on-demand course videos

Role playing reinforces lessons

Quizzes increase repetition and review

Certificate tracks available

Priced individually, or per seat for your whole team!

Master the Five Easy Steps to Direct Sales Success

Ensuring repeatable, winning sales conversations every time. Learn the most important direct sales training topics to cover to turn sales beginners into pros. Perfect the face to face selling skills that will close sales at your next trade show or exhibit.

Meet the Four Characters You Will Encounter at Every Trade Show

Quickly qualify leads and focus successful sales conversations

Get Trade Show Tips, Tricks and More

A steady stream of our personal collection of trade show best practices

Ensure You Have an Amazing Exhibition

Planning for success has never been easier

trade shows and trade fairs
exhibits and exhibitions
sales events
festivals, fairs, home shows, farmer’s markets
booths, stands, pop-up stores and shops and more

Equipped with Tools and Techniques that Deliver

Curated Product Guide, Lead Forms, Lead App Buyers Guide, Staff Scheduling Tool, Budgeting Tool

Trained and Ready for Success

Powering trade show planning and exhibit success for thousands across the globe.






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Forget tedious powerpoint-style courses, these charming instructors are on-camera with engaging lectures and fantastic demos. Even if you aren’t in sales you’d be hard-pressed to watch it and not come away with something useful.

N Townsend


VERY INFORMATIVE. I’m glad I have the time to train and certify my staff before our next show. It is important to my staff singing from the same hymnal whether they are sales or production personnel. This course will be just what we need.

C Beurgher, CTBE™


On my way to NAMM
show now and will adjust my icebreakers accordingly!

S Ondich


Very educational and entertaining. You really illustrated the process exceptionally well. Thank you for sharing.

J Jackson


More than I expected. The instructors are engaging and make funny but educational demos.

C Champagne


Very clear and easy to follow. I really liked the role playing and learned alot I didn’t know. Never considered you could think of sales conversations as a series of steps.

M Jordan, CTBE™

Sales Representative

So glad I found this course before my trade show coming up in December. The examples and the reviews of what was just learned are so much clearer than just reading out of a book. A fun course with Tina and Liz!.

J Neuen


Preview the Tradeshow Basecamp™ Course Series

A trade show training course for beginners! Designed to make face to face selling easy, fun and repeatable.

With thousands of learners and an average user rating of 95%, we’re confident you’ll want to join our community after this preview of our tried and tested techniques for sales conversation success.

Tradeshow Basecamp™ Tracks for Every Professional

Whether you’re starting out with your first trade show, or choosing a new direction for your team, we’ve got you covered.




For Individual Professionals

Includes $9.99 Coupon Toward Online Courses to Help Incentivize Continuing Your Learning Journey.

For Individuals

For Individuals


Includes Certificate Exam

The premier online sales training course series leading to qualification as a Certified Tradeshow Basecamp Exhibitor™ (CTBE™).

For Teams

For Teams



Perfect for teams looking to ‘get on the same page’ with an event strategy. Team Leader can assign courses to members.

* Prefer to pay for one course at a time? Individually purchased courses will put you on track to a CTBE™ certification!

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