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What is Tradeshow-Planning.com?

Tradeshow-Planning.com makes it easy to plan and execute a successful trade show. We offer resources such as direct sales courses, trade show marketing ideas, and buyer’s guides.

Why did we create Tradeshow-Planning.com?

Tradeshow-Planning.com was founded by marketing and exhibiting strategist Tina Nicola, M.A. as a learning platform for startups, small businesses and nonprofits who want to improve the effectiveness of their exhibits and trade show presence.

If you’re ready to plan for success in your next trade show, exhibition or event, enroll in our courses today.

Meet the Team

We’re here to help however we can.

Liz Burger

Co-Founder, Sales Guru

As co-owner and former Finance Manager for a fast-growth tech company, I oversaw finance, sales contracts and event logistics from the company’s startup to successful acquisition.
Active listening and offering clear next steps is the key to creating win-win conversations with current and potential customers. I specialize in event planning, exhibit training, and customer service logistics for tech and IT companies.
My experience includes over 10+ years of successful sales and support conversations with over 10,000 customers, as both a startup owner and tech specialist.

Tina Nicola, M.A.

Co-Founder, Marketing Wizard

Hello! I’m Tina. For more than 15 years, I’ve been creating profitable marketing and exhibit strategies for startups, small businesses and nonprofits.
Creating something from nothing is my passion. I love helping businesses and organizations successfully bring their ideas to profitable fruition.
As co-owner and former VP Marketing for a fast-growth software company, I oversaw event planning, exhibit training, marketing, and public relations from startup to acquisition. Currently, I’m a startup owner and business development and marketing consultant. I’ve launched and oversaw several multi-million dollar businesses and consulted for others.

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