Trying to understand how a direct sales strategy might be executed in the real world of sales? Take a look at our direct sales strategy examples below!

Direct Sales Strategy Examples:
for Trade Shows, Trade Fairs and other Direct Sales Events

Direct Sales Strategy Examples: Newbie[box]

The Scenario
‘Newbie’ is a company is selling online course management software, like Udemy. Newbie is exhibiting at its first trade show. Like many companies, making a sale for Newbie means signing a contract with a customer.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to have successful sales conversation using a 5-step direct sales strategy plan!
  • Making a sale isn’t the only way to have a successful sales conversation. Meeting one or more sales goals that get you closer to a sale also means success!

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Direct Sales Strategy Examples:
for Pop-Up Shops, Booths, Stands

Direct Sales Strategy Examples: Face Cream Gal[box]

The Scenario
‘Face Cream Gal’ is working a direct sales exhibit selling– you guessed it– face cream. She is conducting a Lead Interview with a potential customer hoping to make a sale.

What You’ll Learn

  • The difference between bad and good direct sales practices.
  • Why you should avoid launching into product pitches when trying to make a direct sale.

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Why You Need Direct Sales Strategy Examples

It’s one thing to read a list of ‘best practices’ for executing a direct sales strategy plan. It’s quite another thing to adapt those practices to real-life direct sales conversations.

In our experience, the best way to learn how to sell is to read face to face selling scripts or watch role-playing videos. The more memorable, the better! Learning a direct sales strategy plan with fun, memorable characters helps commit concepts to memory. It also helps to take the fear out of sales for those who might be new to it.

That’s why we created a direct sales training course with these needs in mind. Memorable characters and plenty of role-playing scenarios will insure you have…

All the direct sales strategy examples you’ll need to learn to sell like a pro!
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Direct Sales Training Courses for Beginners

Video Course • Sell like a pro at..

  • trade shows and trade fairs
  • direct sales exhibits
  • direct sales events
  • festivals, fairs, home shows, farmer’s markets
  • booths, stands, pop-up stores and shops and more

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