Need a Direct Sales Strategy Plan? Step 4: Next Steps

You are at a direct sales event. You’ve stopped a stranger passing by with a sales Icebreaker. You’ve introduced yourself, the company you are with and/or the product you are selling in 2-3 short sentences (the ‘Quick Intro‘). You’ve conducted a Lead Interview to determine if you are talking to someone likely to buy from you.

Now? It’s time to determine Next Steps!

By Step #4, you’ve got a pretty good idea if the person in front of you is a good lead. Based on this information, it’s time to identify ‘Next Steps.’

[box]Next Steps is the time when you finally meet one or more of your sales goals. Examples of sales goals might include:

  • Giving out a free product sample.
  • Scheduling a follow-up conversation.
  • Signing the potential customer to view a demo.
  • Making the sale!


Create Sales Goals: Key to a Direct Sales Strategy Plan

Your company should decide on clear sales goals before any direct sales event. Sales goals often come from what’s called a ‘Sales Funnel.’

[box]A Sales Funnel represents the customer’s journey from being aware of your company (in society at large) to taking action and purchasing your product. [/box]

Experienced companies will often have a pretty clear idea what their sales funnels look like. If you are a new company or have never really thought about your customer’s journey, you’ll want to do that before your direct sales event.

Sales Goals: Blender Company Example

For instance, an high-end blender company might know that in general their customers’ journey to purchase looks like this:

  • Awareness: Customer realizes they need a new new blender. They look at Consumer Reports and see your company listed as a trusted vendor for blenders.
  • First Contact: Customer goes to and look at reviews for your blender. Or, they visit a store that sell blenders and see yours in person.
  • Conversation: Customer goes to company’s website or YouTube to see a video demo
  • Purchase: Customer purchases blender in store, online or at a tradeshow

In their Sales Funnel, the blender company sees that most customers want to see the following information before a blender purchase:

  1. company credibility (buyers’ guide reference)
  2. customer reviews
  3. product demo

Sales Goals at the Direct Sales Event?

If that blender company was planning to attend a direct sales event (say, a homeshow) their Sales Goals might include:

  • Buyer’s Guide: Give customer copy of buyer’s guide referencing company
  • Product Reviews: Give customer a handout of product reviews gathered from various sources praising company’s blender
  • Demo: Invite or signup customer to view a live demo at the direct sales event
  • Sell the blender from the show floor

Suggest Next Steps that meets Direct Sales Goals

If you discover during the Lead Interview that the person you are speaking with isn’t a good lead, you’ll want to end the conversation. However, before saying goodbye, you still have the option to suggest a Next Step that meets a direct sales goal.

For instance, maybe the person isn’t a good lead because they aren’t convinced yet that they need your product. You might sign them up for a demo to see how much better your product is than the competition. By doing so, you are suggesting a Next Step that gets you closer to a possible sale by addressing the uncertainty.

From Next Steps to Step 5: Disengage!

Once you suggested a Next Step that meets one or more Direct Sales Goals, it’s time to Disengage! The Disengagement is the step that ends your conversation– at least for now!

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