Need a Direct Sales Strategy Plan? Here are 5 Easy Steps

Are you gearing up for an important direct sales event? Perhaps you are attending a trade show, or manning a booth at the local mall. The biggest mistake that beginners make when attending a direct sales event is not going in with a direct sales strategy plan. Put simply, they don’t prepare to have sales conversations that can actually lead to sales.

That’s bad news because sales events are expensive. For instance, a small 10×10 exhibit space at a trade event can easily cost a company $10,000. Spending big bucks on a sales opportunity without a direct sales strategy plan is at best a waste of money. At worse, it can even spell ruin for a startup or small business.

The good news? Successful direct sales strategy can be broken down into 5 EASY STEPS!

  1. Icebreaker
  2. Quick Intro
  3. Lead Interview
  4. Next Steps
  5. Disengagement

Let’s have a look at each of these.



Direct Sales Strategy Plan - IcebreakerIcebreakers aren’t just useful at parties. At many direct sales events, your job is to sell products to strangers. Before you can sell to them, you’ve got to get that stranger to stop.
[box]An Icebreaker is the question or comment you will use to stop a potential customer.[/box]

An Icebreaker starts the sales conversation that gives you the opportunity to sell!


Quick Intro

Direct Sales Strategy Plan - Quick IntroYou’ve used an icebreaker and a lo and behold, a potential customer has stopped long enough to answer. Or better yet, someone has walked right up to you and said something like “What’s this company selling?”

It’s time now for the Quick Intro.
[box]In 2-3 short sentences, you want to tell that person your name and something about the company or product you are representing. [/box]

The key here is SHORT. The Quick Intro will be one of several carefully-crafted intros that you’ve prepared in advance. The Quick Intro, you will cleverly segway into Step #3:The Lead Interview by asking your potential customer a strategic question.


Lead Interview

Direct Sales Strategy Plan - Lead Interview The Lead Interview is just the series of questions that you will use to find out if the person you are speaking with is likely to buy from you. Someone who is likely to buy from you is known as a ‘good lead.’

[box]After each question you ask the potential customer, you should:

  • Actively listen to the answer
  • Respond with relevant details about your product or company


Next Steps

Direct Sales Strategy Plan - Next StepsNext Steps are just that! The next steps you will take — or that you can get the potential customer to commit to.
[box]Guided by specific Sales Goals, Next Steps get you closer to a sales goal or a final sale. [/box]

Examples of Next Steps? Giving out a free product sample. Scheduling a follow-up conversation. Signing the potential customer to view a demo. Or, asking for the sale!


The Disengagement is the ending of your conversation… for now! Think of it as an intentional goodbye. Isn’t this obvious? Not always! It’s important to think of the Disengagement as an actual step in your direct sales strategy plan. Why?

[box]Why is ‘Disengage’ a Step?
Any time you realize the person you are speaking with is not a ‘good lead,’ it’s time to Disengage! That’s right, jump right to Step 5![/box]

This might seem cold. But remember: at a direct sales event, time is money! If you are spending time talking to someone unlikely to buy from you now or in the near future, that is time not spent talking to someone who might actually be a good lead. [hr]
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