Need a Direct Sales Strategy Plan? Step 3: Lead Interview

You are at a direct sales event. You’ve stopped a stranger passing by with a sales Icebreaker. You’ve introduced yourself, the company you are with and/or the product you are selling in 2-3 short sentences (the ‘Quick Intro’).

Now? It’s time to find out if the person standing in front of you is worth continuing a conversation with!

[box]Is this a good lead? Use the Lead Interview to find out![/box]

Remember: At a direct sales event, time is money. You want to find out as quickly as possible if a potential customer is a good lead. If they aren’t, you want to politely disengage– end the conversation.

[box]The Lead Interview is a series of strategic questions designed to find out if the person you are speaking to is likely to buy from you (a ‘good lead’).[/box][hr]

Ask Strategic Questions During the Lead Interview

For each question you ask during the Lead Interview, you must…

  • actively listen to the potential customer’s answer
  • respond with short, relevant information about your solution or company

“Is this a good lead?”

The point of asking strategic questions is to find out if the person you are talking to is likely to buy from you. A good lead is someone who:

  • Has authority to purchase your product
  • Has a budget and purchase process compatible with yours
  • can purchase in your ideal timeline
  • Whose identity you know
  • Has no obstacles to doing business with you
  • Needs or wants your product

[box]Remember Good Lead Criteria with the acronym ‘A-C-T-I-O-N’:

  • Authority
  • Compatibility
  • Timeline
  • Identity
  • Obstacles
  • Need


Direct Sales Strategy includes looking for obstacles!

Yep, you want to uncover problems during the Lead Interview! Why?

If an obstacle is small but you know it is there, overcoming that obstacle will put you one step closer to a sale! However, if the obstacle is too big, it might signal that this person isn’t a good lead. In this case, you’ll want to Disengage! (Jump right to Step #5)

[box]At a direct sales event, time is money. You can’t afford to continue conversations with someone who you have no chance of selling to now or in the near future.[/box]

From Lead Interview to Step 4: Next Steps

Once you’ve collected enough information about your potential customer during The Lead Interview, it’s time to identify and communicate Next Steps. [hr]
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