Face to Face Selling Skills: For the Nervous and Confused!

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A video training course for face to face selling!

Face to face selling can seem very intimidating if you aren't prepared…But it doesn't have to be! Pros Tina and Liz will teach you how to master face to face selling at trade shows, trade fairs, sales exhibits and more!.

[quote]Making sales easy, fun and repeatable![/quote]

  • Plenty of realistic role-playing scenarios
  • Memorable characters
  • Interactive quizzes

[box type=”note”]Known on Udemy as “Direct Sales Training Course: 5 Easy Steps“[/box]


Why do I need this Face to Face Selling Skills Course?

New to sales? For many, trying to develop face to face selling skills is confusing at best and terrifying at worst! Questions we often hear from face to face selling beginners include:

“Won’t I seem pushy if I start a conversation with a stranger?”
“What if the customer asks something I don’t know the answer to?”
“… How do I actually have a sales conversation that leads to a sale?

Course instructors Tina and Liz once had these questions too when preparing for their first face to face selling trade show event. With no video courses available, they pieced together a sales strategy based on books, blogs and experience.

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[twocol_one][quote]We’ve created the face to face selling course we wish our first startup had had.

It’s based on the proven strategies that got our business acquired in just 5 short years.

[/quote]– Tina Nicola, Course Instructor [/twocol_one][twocol_one_last][/twocol_one_last]

Face to Face Selling Skills: 5 Easy Steps!

This course was designed to make sales conversations easy, fun and repeatable. Tina and Liz de-mystify direct sales by breaking it down into 5 EASY STEPS.
[fourcol_one]Icebreaker [/fourcol_one][fourcol_one]Quick IntroDirect Sales Strategy Plan - Quick Intro[/fourcol_one][fourcol_one]Lead Interview[/fourcol_one][fourcol_one_last]Next Steps[/fourcol_one_last]

… And the Disengagement!

Making Face to Face Selling Skills Fun!

Unlike other face to face selling skills courses, Tina and Liz keep it fun with…

  • Role-playing conversations: And lots of them!
  • Memorable characters such as ‘Pretzel Guy, ‘Fancy Water Guy,’ Ms. Right, Mr. Maybe and even Dracula
  • Interactive quizzes to test your new sales know-how
Face to Face Selling - Memorable Characters
Plenty of memorable characters, like ‘Ms. Right’ ‘Mr. Maybe’ and ‘Dracula’!

Who is this Face to Face Selling Course for?

This face to face selling skills course is designed for anyone who is expecting to have sales conversations and feels unprepared to do that. Whether sales is your full-time job, or a hat you wear from time to time, this course is for you.

This course is perfect for….

  • direct sales novices
  • marketing managers
  • event planners
  • startup or small business owners
  • beginner sales reps

Learn to sell like a pro at…

  • trade shows and trade fairs
  • direct sales exhibits
  • direct sales events
  • festivals, fairs, home shows, farmer’s markets
  • booths, stands, pop-up stores and shops and more

[box type=”note”]This course is designed for those new to direct sales conversations. If you consider yourself an experienced sales professional, this one probably isn’t for you.[/box]

What Face to Face Selling skills do I need to already have to take this Course?

Very little! Some basic knowledge of marketing or sales concepts like a ‘lead’ or ‘sales funnel’ is useful, but not necessary.

Most importantly, you’ll need an open mind and a willingness to try something new!

What will I learn?

You will learn to how to have have face to face sales conversations in 5 EASY STEPS! Conversations that can actually generate revenue for your company or organization. Specifically, you will be able to…

  • Confidently start conversations with strangers at trade shows, exhibits, sales events and more.
  • Create sales goals that lead to profitable direct sales conversations.
  • Identify a ‘good lead’– Decide if the person you are speaking with is likely to buy from you. (AKA: lead qualification)
  • Overcome common fears in face to face selling situations.
  • Master the art of active exhibiting.

Watch the Course Preview!

[box type=”note”]Or, watch the course preview and take some free lessons from this course on Udemy now! Known on Udemy as “Direct Sales Training Course: 5 Easy Steps”[/box]

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