Face to Face Selling Tips: #2 Always Be Active

Whether due to poor training or laziness, exhibits and trade shows are full of sales reps failing to follow the most important of all face to face selling tips: Always be active.

Face to Face Selling Tips Active
Being active starts with the Icebreaker!

Active sales reps look this:

  • Stands at the edge of the exhibit
  • Smiles, looking open and friendly
  • Initiates conversations with strangers using Icebreakers
  • Approaches potential customers in the exhibit to start a conversation

Passive sales reps look like this:

  • Sits in the exhibit, often behind a counter
  • Keeps ‘busy’ by reading or looking at the computer
  • Waits to be spoken to
  • Assumes ‘good leads’ will take initiate conversation and browsing
  • Thinks ‘active’ is the same thing as being ‘pushy’

Make ‘Be Active’ Your Mantra
Being passive literally destroys your chances to have conversations that can lead to sales! You or your company has typically paid big bucks for the opportunity to meet customers face to face. That’s why it is critical to make the most of this opportunity.

Check out this article to learn how ‘be active’ should be at the center of any Direct Sales Strategy Plan!
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