Face to Face Selling Tips: #1 Icebreakers Stop Traffic

In an ideal world, a face to face selling rep has all the traffic they can handle and more! The reality is this: Even with great pre-marketing and a solid exhibit location, you probably won’t have a steady flow of potential customers. That’s why you need Icebreakers.
Face to face selling tips

It’s your job to stop traffic
and start conversations that can lead to a sale! Stand at the edge of your exhibit. Look friendly and open. Start conversations with people passing by using open-ended questions as Icebreakers.

Good Icebreaker Examples
Good Icebreakers are questions that start with “Who? What? When? Why?” These questions require more than a yes or no response, creating social pressure for an answer. Questions like these are more likely to get a Passerby to pause and stop long enough to think of a socially acceptable reply.

  • “What brings you to the show today?”
  • “Who did you come to event with?”
  • “When is the last time you tried (product you are selling)?”

Bad Icebreaker Examples
Bad Icebreakers can be easily ignored or can be answered without stopping for conversation. They usually start with ‘Do’ or ‘Have’ or ‘Are.’ They include:

  • “How are you?”
  • “Have you enjoyed the show?”
  • “Are you looking for something specific?”

Once you’ve gotten a potential customer to stop, you need to keep the conversation going! Check out our article on implementing a Direct Sales Strategy Plan to learn how to turn a conversation into a sale!
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