Who is a Good Lead?

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Tina explains how to determine if the potential customer you are speaking with is a 'good lead' using the Lead Interview.

This is also known as 'lead qualification' or 'qualifying a lead.' 

Tina demonstrates the process of deciding who will be a 'good lead' at the event you are preparing for using 'Newbie.' In this case, our imaginary company Newbie is attending an imaginary education trade show and conference. 

In this lecture, you will learn how to...

  • Identify a 'good lead' using six proven criteria: Authority, Compatibility, Timeline, Identity, Obstacles and Need.
  • Remember these 'good lead' criteria using an easy acronym.
  • Research the trade show or event you are attending to find out if those with purchasing authority (decisionmakers) are likely to be there. 
  • Use the Lead Interview to found out if the person you are speaking with is a 'good lead.'