Why Record Lead Info?

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Tina explains exactly why you must take good notes during sales conversations and how to do that.

Record notes for your sales conversations with a lead card or app. Consider how these notes will be added to your organization's larger system for tracking sales conversations. A 'CRM' (Customer Relationship Management System) is often used for this purpose. If you don't have a 'CRM,' take a look at the link in Resources for ideas.

Planned correctly, lead cards or lead apps can also assist those new to sales to ask the right questions during the Lead Interview. If you are selling several products, lead cards and lead apps can also guide you in finding the right product fit for good leads.

In this lecture, you will learn...

  • What kinds of information you should plan to take notes about.
  • What fields to include on your lead card or in your lead app.
  • How to use your lead card or app to prompt sales reps to ask the right questions and record the right information during sales conversations.