Tradeshow Basecamp™ Tracks for Every Professional

Whether you’re starting out with your first trade show, or choosing a new direction for your team, we’ve got you covered.




For Individual Professionals

Includes $9.99 Coupon Toward Online Courses to Help Incentivize Continuing Your Learning Journey.

For Individuals

For Individuals


Includes Certificate Exam

The premier online sales training course series leading to qualification as a Certified Tradeshow Basecamp Exhibitor™ (CTBE™).

For Teams

For Teams



Perfect for teams looking to ‘get on the same page’ with an event strategy. Team Leader can assign courses to members.

* Prefer to pay for one course at a time? Individually purchased courses will put you on track to a CTBE™ certification!

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Options for direct sales novices, marketing managers, event planners and startup or small business owners.


For Individuals

For Teams

$9.99From $69.95$44.96/seat

Trade Show Boot Camp™ Content

101: Exhibit Marketing Success in Five Easy Steps
102: Recording Lead Information Supplement
103: Lead Conversation Role Play Supplement
104: Tips & Tricks
Certified Tradeshow Basecamp Exhibitor™ (CTBE™) Exam


Coupon toward course series$9.99
On-demand video
Downloadable resources
Interactive learning
Access on mobile and TVmobile only
Access to course materialslifetimelifetimefor duration of membership
Lesson video watch time verification

Collaboration and User Management

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Assign/reassign seats
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Technical Support

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Certified Tradeshow Basecamp Exhibitor™ (CTBE™)

CTBE™ certification track
Includes CTBE™ exam* (choose certificate option)
Includes CTBE™ licensing* (choose certificate option)
Share your progress**

* CTBE™ exam and licensing available to individual learners who have passed the full course series, Learn more.

** upon course completion and/or certification, learners can opt-in to publish their profile on our website, Learn more.™ Membership

Membership included (choose membership option)
Curated Product Guide (choose membership option)
Lead Forms (choose membership option)
Lead App Buyers Guide (choose membership option)
Staff Scheduling Tool (choose membership option)
Budgeting Tool (choose membership option)