Trade Show Preparation Strategy – Easy Steps

Trade Show Preparation Strategy Step #1 – Evaluate Trade Shows

Evaluating if a trade show can meet your company’s sales goals is the first– and critical– step to a solid trade show preparation strategy. We’ve seen companies blow literally tens of thousands of dollars because they did not heed this advice and thoroughly evaluate a trade show before committing.

  • When? 6-12 months before
  • How? Internet Research, Word-of-mouth

Trade Show Preparation Strategy Step #2 – Create a Schedule

After you’ve decided at which Trade Show you plan to exhibit, it’s time to get organized! That means creating a calendar in whatever way works best for you.

An effective trade show preparation strategy depends on organization. There are many important deadlines you must plan for in order for your trade show exhibit to be a success.

  • When? At least 6 months before
  • How? Calendar or List with auto-reminders