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August 9, 2019 | Trade Shows

Why You Need Trade Show Training

If you’re planning to attend a trade show as an exhibitor, you should consider professional training for the staff who will be manning your booth space.

Even a small 10×10 booth space can cost upwards of $10,000 and larger spaces start at $100,000. This is an investment you don’t want to squander. It makes good business sense to invest in proper trade show training. Getting your staff trained will ensure that everyone’s on the same page with sales goals, strategy and lead follow up. This will result in a better return on your trade show space investment.

Tina Nicola, M.A.

Tina is the founder of and has been creating profitable marketing and exhibit strategies for startups, small businesses and nonprofits for over nineteen years. Her main goal is to broaden access to the techniques she has developed so anyone can benefit and improve exhibiting strategy, sales conversations and follow up.

Bear in mind, trade show training does not have to cost a lot! You can affordably train yourself or even your whole team without spending $1,000s on trade show or event planning consultants.

Trade Show Training with Tradeshow Basecamp™

Does your team know the five easy steps to profitable trade show conversations? Do they know the difference between active and passive exhibiting? How to effectively qualify leads? If you answered no to any of these questions, you need Tradeshow Basecamp™!

Tradeshow Basecamp™ is an acclaimed online trade show training course. It is specifically designed to train you and your team to have profitable trade show sales conversations. Designed by trade show pros with thousands of hours of real-world experience, there is a solution for every need and budget.

The Training Handbook

Your least expensive option for training is the Tradeshow Basecamp™ Handbook. This eBook is available exclusively via In it, you will learn the basics of how to have repeatably successful sales conversations. You’ll learn how to create reasonable sales goals, and take good notes for following up with leads after the show.

Trade Show Training Course for Individuals

If you’re ready to step up to the next level, you can try out our full Tradeshow Basecamp™ course series for Individuals. This training course includes hours of online videos, role playing, and downloadable resources. It is a complete program to ensure you are prepared for your next trade show, trade fair, or exhibit.

Trade Show Training Course for Teams

If you’re managing a team, you might want to consider the Tradeshow Basecamp™ course series for Teams. This solution features team management and per-seat pricing.

Trade Show Training Outcomes

In addition to getting the training, you and your team can work towards achieving the Certified Tradeshow Basecamp™ Exhibitor (CTBE™) designation. Obtaining your CTBE demonstrates mastery over the tools and techniques contained within the Tradeshow Basecamp™ course series. It’s a valuable and reliable assessment of the certificate holder’s preparedness to be an effective exhibiter and to conduct themselves professionally at sales events. Having your team achieve this designation will provide assurance that everyone’s on the same page as you go into your next event.

Certified Tradeshow Basecamp™ Exhibitor (CTBE™)

Learn how you can earn a Certified Tradeshow Basecamp Exhibitor™ (CTBE™) Certificate, exclusively from

We hope that’s a helpful overview of the training options we offer here at It’s our sincere hope that you and your team will find the Tradeshow Basecamp™ course series to be a valuable step in future exhibiting success.

Tradeshow Basecamp™

Our acclaimed course series, a complete program designed to help you have profitable trade shows. Get instant access to the full course series (101, 102, 103, 104).

Be fully prepared for your next event and earn your  Certified Tradeshow Basecamp Exhibitor™ (CTBE™) today!

Training a team? Check out our For Teams course series.

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